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Solutions: Associations

Coview provides an outstanding opportunity to associations. Using the system, associations are able to introduce an unrivalled customer service and support facility.

Industry Challenges

An essential part of an associations operation is based on communication with its members in providing documents, advice, and alerts to changes and in keeping the members informed of the association’s services and events. Generally this is achieved through a combination of post and email with information and documents often being made available through the website.

There are familiar problems with each of these methods; Post is expensive and relatively unreliable, email is becoming less and less effective and has major difficulties with email addresses constantly changing and the website is a passive entity relying upon the members to sign on and navigating their way to key information.

With each of these methods, it is difficult to establish if the member has actually received the communication.  Even more difficult is ensuring that the members are accessing the most current version available, particularly when compliancy is an issue.

The Coview Advantage

Coview is able to establish within the association an automated, efficient, secure and controllable method of communicating with its members. The system provides a sophisticated but easy to use method of distributing documents to individual, groups or all members. It provides the members with an improved level of service whilst providing the association with cost savings and a real improvement in getting vital operational and marketing information through to its members.

The badged icon which is downloaded to the desktop as a one off process by each member provides an instant access point to the most up to date information and documents, an alerting mechanism to new or updated documents, direct links with relevant areas of the associations website and a skype based communication to the associations service desk or account manager. It also provides a way of placing target marketing in front of individual or groups of members.

Through the Audit Trail, the association is able to fully monitor all activity on the part of the membership base in respect of its documents and distributed information. It can, for example, show the number of times a member has looked at a certain promotion or invitation, thus directing the associations sales team or account manager to interested members.

For the association it means the company can maintain its documents in a secure, structured and controllable way, it is able to automate the distribution of these documents to the clients that require them and it is able to guarantee delivery and monitor access. It is also able to ensure that only the most up to date documents are accessed by its members as well as ensuring that it’s targeted marketing and promotions are delivered directly to the members desktop. Further it provides assured electronic communication with the associations members completely overcoming the constant problem of outdated email addresses.