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The Coview Electronic Portal System

Coview offers a proven method of controlling, maintaining and guaranteeing documents, files and messages distributed by your company to your Partners, Agents and Customers. The unique technology provided by Coview fundamentally changes the way valuable multimedia content is published, consumed and maintained. Coview’s software components operate centrally at your company’s offices with a small one-time download on your clients desktop. It maintains full communication facilities between the two, providing users with unique marketing, guaranteed delivery, version control and communication capabilities. The system supports many areas of business from administration, operations and retail services through to marketing, sales and compliance.



Fully Automated Document Distribution


Post Publication Control


Electronic Customer Gateway


Integrated Content Security





Protect Investments Already Made

Coview operates ether standalone or integrated with a company’s existing core systems (Document Management Systems, Customer Information Systems etc) as well as interfacing with industry specific applications.