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Connect 360 International Ltd is a UK based software company with a network of offices and distributors spread internationally.

The company is dedicated to the development, marketing and support of a range of software components, known collectively as Coview.

Coview provides solutions to companies of differing sizes and varying industry groups. It is a secure, internet based communication gateway direct to your customers desk-top. It fully automates, guarantees and controls the transfer and update of documents and digital content to customers, partners and staff.


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Connect 360 is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Mpower1 International

Mpower1 is an international operation specializing in business development, creation and recovery. Primary offices in the US and the UK with representation worldwide, 
Mpower1 is able to call upon an unrivalled combination of experience in management, sales, marketing, development and support to provide a unique business partner for high-tech companies. Mpower1 invests in chosen businesses and takes a lead and active role in the management, development and expansion of the business. 

The company calls upon a highly experienced team of directors, senior level employees, investment capital and its global infrastructure. It is able to deliver an extensive knowledge of many international markets, the experience to manage the unexpected or unwanted and the necessary network of contacts around the world to achieve, time after time, accelerated growth or recovery to technology companies.