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Electronic Customer Gateway

Coview provides a unique Electronic Customer Gateway. A branded icon on the users desktop not only provides the secure receipt and library facility to maintain up to date documents but provides a direct gateway to the customer for the purposes of private communication and information i.e. Account Status and Information, portfolios, work orders etc. In addition this facility provides a unique opportunity for targeted promotion and marketing directly to the individual customers desktop through the products Target Marketing support facility.

All of your company’s customers are provided with or sent documentation either from time to time or on a regular basis. This may take the form of registration documents, legislative information, newsletters, service histories/reminders, invoices, statements, company promotions amongst many other forms of correspondence and communication.

Coview is able to provide a complete, secure and controllable solution that offers significant benefits to both your company and your clients.

Coview provides a unique and highly innovative alternative to post, fax and email.


How do my customers use it?
Your customers are directed to a page on your website from where they go through a simple, one time download process. This is designed to be trouble free and requires no implementation instruction or intervention from the company. This will place an icon (with the company’s logo) onto the customers desktop. Through this icon the customer is able to access all information and documents available to him as well as being able to respond through company defined application forms and other preset response forms. In addition, the company is able to fully customize the icon access pages so that it becomes the customers point of access to the company with single click; 

  • Access to your company's website or direct to specific areas of the website

  • Single click communication to your Service Desk, Account Manager etc. through VoIP (Skype)

The improved service offered to your customers  by Coview includes intuitive simple access to documents with latest versions instantly available and immediate response capability through single click access to application forms, website pages and Voice Over Internet (VOIP).

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved customer service by providing all 'latest version' documents required by each customer, in a specific customer catalogue, with no 'search and download' process necessary

  • Alerts your customers to new document versions, keeping them informed of what, when and where documents have changed

  • Provides your customers with information on your company that is specific and useful to them, with targeted marketing, offers, promotions, invitations, etc.

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