How Do My Customers
Use It?

Business Benefits


Technical Requirements

Coview is a secure, internet-based communication gateway direct to your customers desktop.

  • It fully automates, guarantees and controls the transfer and update of documents and digital content to customers, partners and staff.  

  • It controls and maintains documents even after they have been published and distributed to your customers and staff, ensuring that only the very latest documents are ever in use.

  • It also alerts them, to updated or new documents as well as highlighting what has changed.  When required, customers are able to submit application forms etc. back to your company.

  • Extensive audit trail information is reported from the database to monitor and confirm all company and customer activity and ensure that compliancy requirements are met.

  • The direct communication gateway also provides a unique vehicle for direct-to-the-customer target marketing and sales.

Its operations are both simple and cost effective. For your customers it is highly intuitive meaning that there is no training or implementation process necessary

Coview is designed to be highly cost effective, through it’s significant improvements in efficiency as well as providing considerable advancements in customer service and an optional but unique and unrivalled channel for sales and marketing.

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The Coview

Electronic Portal System


Extend the reach of your document management system

One time simple download to customers and staff No training or implementation requirement

Provides customers with seamless access to the most current versions of documents

Fully scaleable - equally suitable for small to large international operations

Additional support for marketing with dynamic promotions, target advertising etc.

Multiple level company structures

Cost effective – no special hardware or software

Multiple level security